Dance course  The main dance sessions will be divided equally between Erik Bendix teaching folk dances from the southern Balkans, and Caspar Bik teaching n folk dances from regions around the Black Sea.

There will be some additional late afternoon sessions when the teachers will teach dnaces from their International repertoire.


The dance course will be arranged as follows:

On the arrival day there will be a short introductory dance session with all dance teachers.

You can choose from the following options:

General course:  half days (2 mornings, 2 afternoons) Easier dances and a slower pace of teaching.

Intermediate course:  half days (2 mornings, 2 afternoons) For more experienced dancers, with a mixture of easy and slightly more challenging dances, with some attention to style and detail and a faster pace of teaching.

Both courses:  full days – general & intermediate levels.


In addition to the above there are late afternoon dancing sessions which are for dancers on either course.

Social dances

Everyone staying in the hotel is invited to join the social dances.  We will include some well known and easily followable dances from the Balkans and beyond.